Erg Chebbi – Amazing James Bond movie locations

erg chebbi morocco

Bond movies like Casino Royale and Thunderball have been shot in Miami. The stunning combination of brilliant white beaches, distinctive Art Deco architecture and a vibrant nightlife has had the producers of Bond movies come back to Miami time and again.

Some of the most memorable scenes from the 007 are set in Venice, including the gondola chase in Moonraker and the sinking hotel at the end of Casino Royale. Dr Holly Goodhead’s hotel room in Moonraker an expensive hotel suite, which was built as a palace in the 14th century the trappings include pink marble, stained glass, chandeliers and antiques.

Remember the scene when Bond girl Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) steps out of the sea in that white bikini? The sequence was filmed at Laughing Waters Beach, near Ocho Rios, Jamaica. There is lots to explore in Jamaica, music, culture, nature, adventure (snorkelling, scuba-diving).

Merzouga, where one can find Erg Chebbi – a sea of dunes

Head to Marrakesh or Erfoud in Morocco to follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous spy on a walking tour of Morocco, which visits the film locations where Bond movies have been shot.

WOW FACTOR: Erfoud, in Morocco’s Sahara, is no stranger to film crews. Fifty kms further from Erfoud, lies Merzouga, where one can find Erg Chebbi – a sea of dunes, some 150 meters high, where the absolute silence is eerily exciting.